Intel teases SSD overclocking functionality

Is Intel about to bring overclocking to solid-state drives? We don't know for sure just yet—but a session agenda for the firm's next Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco clearly hints at something along those lines.

The session is entitled, "AIOS001 - Overclocking Unlocked Intel® Core™ Processors for High Performance Gaming and Content Creation," and according to Intel, it will involve "lively, demo-based tutorials for overclocking Intel's most recently launched enthusiast platforms." Nothing out of the ordinary so far. However, the list of session topics is where it gets interesting. Check it out:

  • Overclocking architecture of the Intel® Core™ i7-4xxx series processors on Intel® X79 Express Chipset based platforms
  • Overclocking architecture of the desktop and mobile 4th Generation Intel® Core processors
  • Live demonstrations and expert tips from an industry partner on how to push the limits of Intel® unlocked processors using software and hardware tools from the enthusiast ecosystem
  • One of the first public demonstrations of overclocking the Intel® Core™ i7 4xxx Extreme Edition processor
  • First public demonstration of overclocking Intel® SSDs
  • First public demonstration of AppTune beta based on Intel® Extreme Tuning Utility (Intel® XTU)

(Emphasis ours.)

We may get a first-hand look at the demo ourselves, since our own Scott Wasson will be at IDF next month. The session is planned for September 10 at 11:00 AM, Pacific time.

It's hard to speculate based on so little information, but perhaps the overclocking will center on the SSD's controller chip. Overclocking of the storage interface—be it SATA or PCIe—is another possibility. Either way, I'm a little lukewarm about the idea. Free performance is nice, but I prefer to avoid inducing catastrophic data corruption whenever possible. (Thanks to X-bit labs for the tip.)

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