Logitech's G602 wireless gaming mouse promises long battery life

Logitech's mice are among the most popular on the market. Now, a new one has arrived. The G602 wireless gaming mouse is just what it sounds like: a cordless mouse with a swanky sensor and loads of programmable buttons. Check it out:

The G602 combines matte surfaces with a slip-resistant palm rest that looks nice and grippy. There are 11 buttons in all, and each one can be programmed via Logitech's software. Logitech says the mechanical microswitches under the left and right buttons are rated for 20 million clicks.

Tracking is handled by a 2500-DPI Delta Zero sensor that supports on-the-fly adjustment. The sensor has been optimized for battery power; it offers a Performance mode for gaming and an Endurance mode for everything else. The included AAs are rated for 250 hours of battery life in Performance mode—enough uptime for a 10-day gaming binge. The Endurance mode is rated for 1440 hours, which works out to about two months. Unfortunately, Logitech doesn't explain the what the battery-saving config gives up to improve power efficiency. It doesn't look like the included batteries are rechargeable, either.

Interestingly, you have the option of running the mouse off a single battery to save weight. That's a clever way to offer weight adjustment without resorting to a series of tiny metal pucks. Folks who prefer a lighter feel will have to sacrifice battery life, though.

Rather than relying on Bluetooth connectivity that might be shared with other devices, the G602 interfaces with your PC via a dedicated 2.5GHz wireless dongle. The tiny receiver has a range of about 10 feet, and it can be positioned for optimal signal strength using the included extension cable.

Logitech mice have never fit my hand right, but plenty of folks swear by them. I suspect a lot of gamers will want to check out the G602 when it hits shelves next month. Expect to pay about $80 for the mouse.

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