Google cuts Nexus 4 price to $199

From its release in late October of last year until yesterday, Google's Nexus 4 smartphone was priced at $299—or $349 for the 16GB version. As of last night, though, you can now nab the 8GB phone for $199—and its 16GB sibling for $249. Google announced the price cut on Twitter yesterday. The cut applies not just in the U.S., but also in Australia, Canada, Germany, Spain, Korea, and United Kingdom, where prices have also been slashed by 25%.

Mind you, that's $199 for an unlocked phone without a contract. An iPhone 5 might set you back $199 with a two-year contract and a carrier lock, but the commitment-free version costs a whopping $649, and prices range up to $849 for higher-capacity models. Samsung's Galaxy S4, meanwhile, starts at $620 at Newegg if you want it free of carrier or contract restrictions.

The Nexus 4 admittedly isn't quite as fancy as the latest offering from Samsung. Its 4.7" IPS display has a comparatively lower 1280x768 resolution. There's no microSD slot, and LTE connectivity isn't available (or at least, not out of the box). The baseline model also features only 8GB of storage capacity, which doesn't leave a ton of room for music, video, and apps. Those aren't huge dealbreakers, though. In the end, the Nexus 4 delivers a stock Android 4.3 experience on relatively solid hardware for a fraction of the price, which makes it very appealing.

You can purchase the Nexus 4 here on Google's Play store. More information about the phone can be found here on Google's website.

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