Samsung prepping 31.5-inch monitor with 4K resolution

Asus and Sharp are both selling PC monitors with ultra-high 4K display resolutions. Dell is getting in on the action, too, and it's not the only one. Samsung has announced that it will show its own 4K display at the IFA convention in Berlin, Germany next week.

Although details are scarce, we know the display will measure 31.5"—the same size as Asus' PQ321Q. The Asus monitor uses an IGZO panel that appears to be similar to the one found in the 32-inchers from Dell and Sharp. Those screens all boast 3840x2160 display resolutions, a specification the Samsung screen will surely match.

According to a rough translation of the original Korean announcement, the Samsung display will cover 99% of the Adobe RGB spectrum. It will include color calibration software, as well. There's no word on other features or, more importantly, the expected street date and price. Asus' PQ321Q is currently the most affordable 4K PC monitor on the market, but at $3,500 online, it's only fit for folks with fat wallets.

The PQ321Q has at least put downward pressure on the price of Sharp's 4K display. That screen was selling for about $5,000 last month, but it's since dropped to $3,588. The 4K monitors from Dell and Samsung may have similar prices. Dell's UltraSharp 32 is due before the end of the year, according to one report, and I suspect the Samsung screen will be available in a similar timeframe. Thanks to Engadget for the tip.

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