Surface Pro price cut made permanent; Touch Cover discounted

Earlier this month, Microsoft began a promotion that shaved $100 off the price of its Intel-powered Surface Pro tablets. The promotion was billed as strictly temporary, with an expiry date of August 29.

Well, good news. ZDNet reports that Microsoft has decided to make the discount permanent. That means the 64GB Surface Pro will continue to sell for $799, and its 128GB sibling will remain priced at $899. ZDNet says the $100-off deal doesn't apply to the 256GB tablets, but I don't see that particular model listed on the Microsoft Store—not yet, anyhow.

ZDNet's story also confirms the Touch Cover price cut we heard about earlier this week. The vanilla Touch Cover accessory, which doubles as a touch-sensitive keyboard, will be knocked down from $119 to $79. The Limited Edition will continue to sell at a $10 premium, but that will now place it at $89. Finally, the Surface RT and Touch Cover bundle will be available for just $399—only $50 more than the Surface RT tablet by itself.

Microsoft told ZDNet that it's taking a "phased approach" to the Touch Cover cuts. That probably explains why they haven't taken effect yet. Right now, the Touch Cover still sells for $119.99, and the Surface RT and Touch Cover bundle costs $449. I suppose deal hunters will have to keep an eye on the Microsoft Store.

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