240Hz LCD monitor boasts VA panel, 10-bit color

Most LCD monitors refresh the screen at 60Hz, but some displays are available with higher 120Hz and 144Hz refresh rates. Now, Eizo has announced an LCD that updates the display at 240Hz. Say hello to the DuraVision FDF2405W:

To be fair, the display doesn't accept 240Hz input. Instead, it converts 120Hz signals to the higher refresh rate. Eizo says the conversion process reduces the ghosting and blurring. It also claims the approach "greatly improves sharpness and visibility and reduces eye fatigue that occurs when viewing scrolling or moving images."

Before you get too excited, we should note that the FDF2405W is designed to display satellite images. Eizo doesn't quote a price, but you can bet that this monitor won't be cheap. The folks who sift through satellite data typically have much bigger budgets than PC enthusiasts. They're discerning, too, which is why the DuraVision display has a number of satellite-specific features, including a special gamma mode optimized to show details that might otherwise be lost in fine gradients.

Most of the 120-144Hz screens on the market use TN panel technology, but the FDF2405W is based on VA tech that should offer better color reproduction and wider viewing angles. Eizo says the display supports 10-bit color over DisplayPort and 8-bit color over DVI. The screen's 176° viewing angles are nice and wide, too. If only the pixel density were higher. The 23.5" screen has a pedestrian 1920x1080 resolution.

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