Bugbear funds Next Car Game development with early pre-orders

Remember FlatOut? The PC game combined car racing with carnage befitting a demolition derby, and it was quite a lot of fun. The franchise has spawned a few sequels since the first chapter debuted in 2004. Now, the original developers are working on a new version dubbed simply Next Car Game.

While Next Car Game isn't a straight sequel, it's built on the "full contact racing" that made the original lots of fun. It has what looks like a very robust physics engine, too. You can see the car crunching in action in the video below, which also serves as the pre-order pitch for developer Bugbear Entertainment.

Rather than taking to Kickstarter, Bugbear is topping up the million dollars it's already invested in the game by launching a tiered pre-order campaign. Paying as little as $25 entitles you to the final version in addition to early preview builds. There are also several options to pay more if you want a copy of the soundtrack, custom wallpapers, and an exclusive vehicle. Bugbear will even put your name in the game if you shell out $50 or more.

The final version of Next Car Game is due in early spring 2014, so it's not too far off. Bugbear expects the "early access" build to be available to pre-order customers by the end of the year. The developer has also pledged to release a "sneak peak" build once 10,000 people pre-order the game. That build is apparently representative of the current state of the game.

Bugbear isn't the first developer to offer access to early builds in exchange for pre-order cash, and it probably won't be the last. Kudos to game makers for finding unique ways to fund their products. Thanks to Rock, Paper, Shotgun for the tip, too.

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