1. The city of Austin may offer AMD $95 million
    to build fab plant (thanks rand)
  2. ATI, Trident, SiS quietly celebrate new business (thanks rand)
  3. ARM welcomes new processor core technology (thanks rand)
  4. HotHardware takes on PC Expo
  5. Maximum Reboot gives away OCZ Gladiator coolers
  6. Amdmb celebrates 10,000 registered members with a giveaway contest
  7. GideonTech is making T-shirts

  1. Electic Tech has new BIOS files for Tyan Trinity KT and KT-A
  2. Amdmb reviews Iwill KD266
  3. Inside-Hardware reviews DFI AK75-EC

  1. the Duke of URL reviews Pogo Verona P4
  2. Tomato Over Clockers takes Athlon 1.4Ghz -> 1.609GHz
  3. Rojak Pot updates GAPI benchmark 2.0 scores
  4. CoreSpeed3d reviews Addtronics ET7896A full tower case
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