The Tòu of In Win wraps PCs in aluminum and tempered glass

In Win is known for showing off outrageous-looking enclosure prototypes at the Computex trade show. This year, it was the Tòu, which surrounds an aluminum frame with angular panels cut from tempered glass. The case has now made its way onto In Win's site, suggesting a limited number will be available for purchase.

We've seen see-through cases before, but this one is different. The tempered glass is coated with a mirror-like finish that becomes transparent only when backlit by the case's internal LEDs. Check it out:

Yeah, that looks pretty cool.

This is the sort of case that deserves to be mounted on a desk where it can be seen, so the front-panel controls are at the bottom. You get touch-sensitive buttons for power, fan speed, and LED brightness. There are also dual USB 3.0 ports and a pair of 3.5-mm audio jacks.

Inside, the Tòu accepts ATX motherboards and can handle graphics cards up to 15" long. Horizontal shelves provide room for three 3.5" drives. You can add a pair of 2.5" drives, too. Optical bay? Check, although In Win apparently didn't bother making an insert to cover the gaping hole.

Speaking of gaping holes, what's up with the lack of a cut-out behind the CPU socket? The Tòu has a few cable routing holes but no portal to provide access to heatsink retention hardware. All beautiful creatures have their quirks, I guess.

I've seen In Win's crazy prototypes up close, and they're beautifully made. The limited-edition designs are also incredibly expensive. In Win doesn't mention the Tòu's price on its site, but similarly outlandish models like the D Frame and H Frame sell for about $400. That's a big ask for an imperfect case. Then again, perhaps it's not too much for something so unique.

A handful of sites have picked up this story, but it looks like deserves the credit for first spotting the Tòu online.

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