Temash APU pops up in Toshiba convertible tablet

A staggering number of mobile systems have been introduced at the IFA show in Berlin, Germany this week. There are ultrabooks with 3200x1800 displays, tablets of every size, and smartphones with screens up to 7". We've also spotted a convertible tablet based on AMD's Temash silicon. Say hello to the Toshiba W30Dt:

Ok, the picture actually shows the W30t, which is based on a low-end Haswell CPU. Apart from the processor and its associated platform, the system is identical to the AMD-powered W30Dt. The AMD variant uses the A4-1200 APU, which is the slowest member of the Temash lineup. The chip has dual Jaguar CPU cores clocked at 1GHz and Radeon HD 8180 integrated graphics running at 225MHz.

Both W30 versions have 13.3" IPS displays. Toshiba's press release refers to a "pin-sharp HD" screen, but Ultrabook News says the resolution is only 1366x768. Sigh.

The processor, 4GB of RAM, and 500GB of mechanical storage are all crammed into the tablet portion. Toshiba adds micro USB, SD, and HDMI connectivity, as well. The accompanying keyboard dock features backlit keys, a secondary battery, and a full-sized USB 3.0 slot. There's no word on battery life with or without the dock attached, though. Toshiba doesn't quote dimensions, either, but W30t's tablet and dock reportedly weigh 2.8 and 2.4 lbs, respectively. I wouldn't bet on the Dt being substantially lighter.

According to Slashgear, the W30Dt will be known as the Satellite Click in the US. The price is supposed to be $599, which sounds a bit steep for a pudgy convertible with a low-res screen and a low-end APU. But, hey, the W30Dt is an AMD tablet design win. Those don't come along every day.

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