Lenovo's Yoga convertible family updated with high-PPI, ThinkPad models

Lenovo's family of bend-over-backwards Yoga convertibles has been updated with two new models. Starting next month, you'll be able to get your hands on the Yoga 2 Pro. This 13.3-incher boasts an IPS panel with an impressive 3200x1800 resolution. The math works out to nearly six megapixels and 276 PPI. Suh-weet.

The screen sits on a 360° hinge that allows the lid to fold flat against the back of the keyboard. The keyboard is backlit, and Haswell-based hardware lurks beneath it. Lenovo squeezes everything into a chassis that measures 0.6" thick and weighs 3.1 lbs. Despite the slim profile, battery life hasn't been compromised; the Pro is rated for nine hours of run time.

As smitten as I am with the Yoga 2 Pro's screen, I'm more excited about the ThinkPad Yoga. This 12.5" convertible is apparently designed for business-class passengers. Check out the promo video:

Do I detect a hint of dubstep? Oh dear.

The video shows off a few notable features, including the "lift and lock" mechanism that recesses the keys in tablet mode. Recessing the keys wouldn't be necessary on a conventional convertible, but the Yoga's keyboard faces outward when the screen is flipped all the way around. The requisite TrackPoint nubbin sits in the center of the keyboard, of course, and there's a stylus tucked into the chassis. The ThinkPad Yoga can be configured with a digitizer if you'd rather not rely on touch input alone.

Lenovo says the digitizer will only be available with the Yoga's FHD display, which should have a 1080p resolution. There's also an option for a lower-resolution "HD" display. Both screens are based on IPS panel technology, so the color reproduction and viewing angles should be good regardless of the resolution.

Like the Yoga 2 Pro, the ThinkPad is based on Haswell guts. It won't be available until November, though, and Lenovo doesn't quote a price. Let's hope it's affordable enough for those of us who fly coach.

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