Vwalker has desktop Tualatin benches

Vwalker (Japan) has the scoop on the new Tualatin (0.13 micron Pentium III) processors. These processors operate on the new AGTL bus and require the Intel i815 B-step motherboards—VIA's Apollo Pro 266T will also support Tualatin. There are three flavors of Tualatin: server, desktop, and mobile versions. The server version of Tualatin sports 512KB of L2 cache and is targeted for use in 1U / 2U cases. It is also a stand-in product until the 0.13 micron Pentium 4 Xeons make their appearance. The desktop version of Tualatin comes with 256KB of L2 cache. Both the server and desktop versions of Tualatin come in similar packaging.

Vwalker managed to acquire an engineering sample of the 1.13GHz desktop Tualatin. The fact that it is only a sample may help explain why it consumed 1.55V; normally, the Tualatin is rated to operate at 1.5V. They used the Asus TUSL2-C and benched with WinBench 99 v1.2a and 3DMark2000 in Windows 2000. The benchmark scores are here and here. These two graphs suggest that Tualatin is nothing more than a higher clocked version of Coppermine, and they conclude by saying that Tualatin is destined to have a short shelf life. Time will tell.

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