1. ZZZ online | Number 88
  2. The Inquirer speculates that AMD and Samsung
    could save Alpha's bacon (thanks rand)
  3. The Inquirer reports on Elsa and NEC teaming up (thanks rand)
  4. ZDNet news tech poll: Intel or AMD? (thanks rand)
  5. NASA launches probe to help solve mysteries of the universe (thanks rand)

  1. Digit Life reviews MSI K7T Turbo limited edition
    and does IDE CD-RW roundup: part IX
  2. Maximum3D reviews Iiyama i91A 19" monitor
    and explains monitor testing methodology
  3. WC-Extreme reviews Netgear RT314 gateway router
  4. BiT-Tech's 7V mod
Technology and software

  1. Xenofex previews RADSL technology
  2. Hardware Extreme considers LCD technology
  3. 2.06 BIOS for Tyan Thunder K7 (thanks AMDZone)
  4. 1.02 firmware upgrade for PlexWriter Plexwriter 16/10/40A (thanks Maleficus)
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