Rumor: Microsoft preps Surface Pro docking station

Microsoft may be soldiering on with the Surface RT, but it's also working hard to spice up its Intel-powered Surface Pro tablet. Last month, we were treated to a price cut; now, both Neowin and Paul Thurrott's SuperSite for Windows report that a Surface Pro docking station is on the way.

The dock is expected this fall, alongside the second-generation, Haswell-powered version of the Surface Pro. It will reportedly support both the second-gen device and the current model, but not the Surface RT or that tablet's successor. The dock will provide a plethora of ports: USB 3.0, USB 2.0, Gigabit Ethernet, mini DisplayPort, and microphone and headphone connectors—just about everything you need to turn the tablet into a quasi small-form-factor desktop.

No pictures of the dock have been leaked, but Paul Thurrott's story includes a rough description. He says the Surface Pro "slides in at an angle and is held in place with by arms on the side that are pulled out to release the tablet." I'm having trouble forming a mental image there, but it sounds like the dock might look similar to Apple's old Duo Dock. Except, you know, without the old-school beige color.

More details, including pricing, will hopefully come to light as we draw closer to the fall release time frame.

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