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We're running quite well on our new, temporary server. In case you missed it, we did have a server crash—not just a reboot, but a "won't boot at all" incident. The hard drive is in some state of disrepair, though I'm fuzzy on the exact details. The server was colocated in New York, far from me. We were able to bring things back up on another server pretty quickly, but we did lose a few things. Among them:
  • About a month's worth of news and comments. The fact there wasn't a newer backup is entirely my fault.

  • The search engine is dead. Funeral arrangements TBA.

  • Some of the newer comments posting features, including cookie-based username/password storage, aren't working. They should return soon.
If you notice any other odd problems on the site, let me know.

I did buy a new server for the site, and this one has RAID. This is the last time a single disk drive's failure will cause us such pain. (At the worst possible moment in the middle of trying to bring up a new server, Dissonance pointed out that I should have known better. Gee, thanks.) We will also have a newer, better hosting situation, with more bandwidth than our previous setup. Should be very nice all around.

You may have noticed that there's a new image over in the right-hand column of the front page here. It links to AESign, who provides digital IP protection. Basically, what they're doing for us is spidering the site each night and cataloging the results. Then, should someone try to steal one of our articles and call it their own, we have independent verification that we published first. They offered the service to us after the Gotbyte episode, and it made good sense to me. If you publish your own site and would like to have your content protected, I suggest you check it out.

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