Space is the place in Call of Duty: Ghosts single-player trailer

How do you fell about heavily scripted, on-rails shooters? Oh, you like them? Well, have we got a video for you. The Call of Duty folks have released the official single-player trailer for this year's iteration of the billion-dollar franchise, Ghosts.

For a moment, I thought I was watching the trailer for Gravity. That could have been Sandra Bullock at about the 0:10 mark. But no, these astronauts have automatic weapons.

The trailer seems to be made up entirely of cinematic cuts, though some of that could be gameplay footage. One never knows with the CoD series, whose single-player campaigns increasingly feel like interactive movies. I suppose there are loads of players who want to be led through a series of over-the-top action sequences while they mindlessly squeeze the trigger. They're probably the same people who go see Michael Bay flicks.

Although the trailer is short on innovative gameplay, the slick production values are evident. They serve as a reminder that, despite its dumbed-down take on the FPS—or perhaps because of it—Call of Duty has become one of the biggest names in the entire entertainment business, let alone the gaming industry. Infinity Ward may not have elevated the art in the eyes of hardcore PC gamers, but it's certainly raised the profile of blockbuster video games.

Let's hope Infinity Ward has a few interesting twists up its sleeve with Ghosts. I remember being blown away by Modern Warfare's "Death From Above" AC-130 gunship mission. They could do something really cool with zero-gravity combat. Or dogs. Or Soviet space dogs!

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