Nokia on iPhone 5C: Imitation is the best form of flattery

Apple used to be pretty vocal about its competitors' penchant for imitation. These days, though, the Mac maker doesn't exactly have a leg to stand on. iOS 7's flat, colorful design is eerily reminiscent of Windows Phone (with frosted glass effects straight from Windows Vista), and the new iPhone 5C looks an awful lot like Nokia's handsets, with colorful polycarbonate shells and matching OS colors.

In fact, the similarities are so stark that Nokia posted this image on its UK Twitter feed yesterday, prefaced with the words, "Thanks, #Apple ;)"

And here's the iPhone 5C lineup for reference:

Yeah, can't really fault Nokia there.

Loyal Apple fans may credit the iPod family with kicking off the whole multicolored craze years ago, and they may be right. The fact remains, though: Apple seems to be looking to its past and its rivals for inspiration lately. I hope next year's iPhones break some new ground in the aesthetics department; otherwise, I might start to think Jony Ive is asleep at the switch.

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