14-nm Broadwell chip cuts power draw 30% vs. 4.5W Haswell

IDF — During the second-day keynote here at IDF today, Intel SVP Kirk Skaugen offered a quick demo showing off working, 14-nm Broadwell silicon. Broadwell is the the successor to Haswell coming next year.

He showed two similar development systems based on the same socket, one with a 22-nm, 4.5W Haswell Y-series SoC and the other with a 14-nm Broadwell SoC. The two were configured to have essentially the same performance. While running a CPU-intensive Cinebench rendering workload, the Broadwell system drew about 30% less power.

That's a very good omen for Intel's 14-nm process, at least for relatively low-voltage parts. We'll have to wait and see whether and how these benefits will translate in chips with higher voltages, faster clock speeds, and larger power envelopes, but it appears Intel is on track for another nice improvement from one generation of process tech to the next.

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