Eden Star combines parkour, resource gathering, and environmental destruction

If you combined footage of Minecraft, Red Faction, Portal, and Mirror's Edge in a single video game, it might look something like Eden Star. The game is being developed by Flix Entertainment, and it's just joined Steam's Greenlight program. Here's the trailer that caught my eye:

This game has a little bit of everything, including free running, environmental destruction, resource gathering, and cute little cubes. There will also be combat, of course, and plenty of physics effects with real gameplay implications. Much of the physics will likely be handled by the APEX system built into the Unreal engine. PhysX support is promised, as well, but I suspect it may be limited to powering particles and other eye candy effects.

According a post by the game's producer, Eden Star will be heading to Kickstarter shortly. The success of that crowd-funding drive will apparently influence how far the developers can go with the multiplayer. The pre-alpha only works in single-player mode, but at least four-player co-op is planned for the final release. Unfortunately, there's no indication whether adversarial multiplayer is a possibility. Given the mechanics displayed in the trailer, a little deathmatch action could be a lot of fun.

Flix Interactive hopes to have something for people to play by the end of this year. If Eden Star is in pre-alpha now, the final cut probably won't be finished until next year at the earliest. Thanks to Rock, Paper, Shotgun for the tip.

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