Howdy, folks.

I'm back from IDF and slowly recovering from a packed week. I'll have more to say about what I saw there once I decompress. Have some good tidbits of info to share with you.

Right now, I'd like to take a second to talk about something else. Most of you, especially if you listen to our podcast, probably know that I'm a huge fans of the Borderlands franchise. You can imagine how excited I am to see Gearbox Software joining TR as a sponsor this week. I'm a little freaked out, in a good way.

If you've seen the ads, you'll know that Gearbox is promoting a Community Day event that happens tomorrow, both in their Dallas offices and on the magical everywhere-pipe that is the Internet, via a live stream on You can find out more about what's happening right here.

The live stream starts at 10AM Central. Viewers can ask questions online and get them answered by the game developers and other panelists. If you're into Borderlands 2, you'll want to check it out. I think we might get some insight into Gearbox's plans for Homeworld, too.

Now, time to play some BL2 on this here 4K monitor...

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