Deal of the week: 3TB for $119 and other storage bargains

This week's deal post is all about storage. Cheap mechanical mass storage, discounted solid-state storage—we've got it all:

  • WD's Green 3TB hard drive is down to $118.99 shipped, or just under four cents per gigabyte, at Newegg. The list price is $128.99, but you can take $10 off at checkout using the promo code EMCXLWT27. As always when buying "Green" drives—or models that don't explicitly advertise a 7,200-RPM spindle speed—be aware that these are fine mass-storage workhorses but potentially sluggish system drives. You're better off getting a 7,200-RPM drive or an SSD to store your operating system and applications. Speaking of which...
  • Kindgon's SSDNow V300 Series 120GB solid-state drive is available for $89.99. That's a pretty great price for a drive like the V300, which has a 450MB/s peak rated write speed and a three-year warranty.
  • For those who need a little more capacity, Toshiba's Q Series 256GB SSD is on sale for $149.99. The regular list price is $179.99, but entering EMCXLWT25 on the checkout page will lop off $30. We haven't reviewed the Q Series, and I don't know much about it, although I hear it's able to appear and disappear at will and to irritate otherwise patient starship captains. In any event, the drive look pretty good on paper: 552MB/s peak reads, 501MB/s peak writes, 6Gbps SATA interface, three-year warranty, and six out of six positive reviews on Newegg.

Our Canadian readers can't order from Newegg's U.S. website, unfortunately, but they can partake in NCIX's Summer Closeout Sale. There are some juicy storage deals there, too, like Seagate's 3TB Barracuda 7,200-RPM hard drive for $119.99 CAD and the 4TB Desktop HDD.15 for $169.99 CAD.

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