Pre-order listings reveal 45W AMD Richland APUs

Today, the lowest-power AMD Richland APUs have 65W thermal envelopes—but that's about to change. As CPU-World reports, some pre-order listings at a Connecticut e-tailer reveal the existence of two 45W Richland variants.

We've actually known about these chips since early July, when they turned up in a list on MSI's website. Now, though, there's no question about their existence, let alone the impending nature of their arrival. A quick search at reveals the following listings:

Both APUs are quad-core offerings with 4MB of cache and 45W TDPs. Each one is listed twice; first in retail-boxed form, and then again in "tray" form, which presumably refers to an unboxed chip without a bundled heatsink.

Oddly enough, the model numbers match those we saw two months ago, but the clock speeds do not. advertises a 3.5GHz clock speed for the A10-6700T and a 3.1GHz speed for the A8-6500T. The leaked MSI listings quoted speeds of 2.5GHz and 2.1GHz, respectively. It's possible that the higher speeds are accurate, since 65W, quad-core variants of Richland are clocked as high as 3.7GHz (with a 4.3GHz Turbo speed). I suppose there's no way to be certain just yet, though.

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