4TB model quietly added to WD Green family

With little fanfare, Western Digital has expanded its line of low-power desktop drives to include a 4TB model. The Green 4TB stacks four one-terabyte platters and spins 'em at about 5,400 RPM. It's similar to the Red 4TB introduced a few weeks ago, minus that drive's NAS- and RAID-specific features.

The Green 4TB's lone performance specification exactly matches that of its Red sibling: both drives can push data at up to 150MB/s. Power and acoustic specs are arguably more important for this class of drive, and those figures are identical, too. WD says the Green 4TB consumes just 4.5W when reading and writing an only 3.3W when idling. The drive should produce 28 dBA when seeking and just 25 dBA at idle.

The Red 4TB is selling for $210 online, while its Green counterpart can be had for $20 less. The Green's two-year warranty is shorter than the three-year coverage attached to the Red, though.

Unfortunately, two-year warranties aren't uncommon for desktop hard drives. The Green's most direct rival, Seagate's Desktop HDD.15 4TB, is also limited to two-year coverage. The Desktop HDD.15 has a similar 5,900-RPM rotational speed but sells for only $170 right now. If you want something with a faster 7,200-RPM spindle speed and longer five-year warranty, be prepared to shell out over $300 for the WD Black 4TB.

Our storage test systems are busy hammering a couple of other mechanical drives at present, but we've added the Green 4TB to the queue. Stay tuned for an in-depth look at how the drive compares to the competition.

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