Artisanal wooden keyboard gets touchpad sidekick

Remember that wooden keyboard we showed you back in July? Well, it now has a touchpad sidekick. Introducing the Orée Touch Slab:

Like its chiclet-laced counterpart, the Touch Slab is built by a "talented team of artisans" in southern France. It's crafted from a single piece of maple or walnut and can be etched with one of two artistic designs.

Interestingly, the Touch Slab acts as both touchpad and numpad. The latter mode appears to involve some kind of leather mat, which is probably there only to provide a visual reference for the virtual numerical keys. The Orée Board lacks a numpad, so it's nice to have that functionality picked up by the Touch Slab.

The Touch Slab connects wirelessly via Bluetooth and supports both Windows and OS X. Windows 7 and 8 are mentioned specifically, but there's no word on whether the touchpad supports the full suite of Win8 gestures. With a €150 asking price (about $200 USD), it had better.

To be honest, I'm a little surprised that the Touch Slab is so expensive. The thing costs as much as the keyboard, which looks like a more complicated piece to build craft. Perhaps it's tricky to get the touch sensor to work through the wood. Or maybe Orée has cultivated a following of well-heeled hipsters and can charge pretty much whatever it wants. Either way, it's nice to see some variety in the high-end peripheral market.

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