Dell preps 11.6'' touch-screen laptop with AMD guts, $349 price tag

Netbooks seem to be coming back with a vengeance—and with more than a few extra bells and whistles. On the heels of Asus' Transformer T100 reveal, PC World reports that Dell has a $349 laptop with an 11.6" touch screen and an AMD processor on the way.

And there will be a Haswell-powered variant priced at $379. Yowza.

I don't see an announcement on Dell's website just yet, and the PC World story is a little light on details. Aside from the above, all it reveals is that the machine will have an eight-hour battery, a Gorilla Glass display coating, USB 3.0, a webcam (duh), HDMI out, and Windows 8.1 pre-installed. A hands-on report by the guys at CNet News adds a few other tidbits. Apparently, the Inspiron 11 will be 0.83" thick, weigh 3.15 lbs, and feature a "very large clickpad-style touch pad."

I hated the cramped touchpads of yesteryear's netbooks and CULV mini-laptops, so that sounds good to me. CNet News seems impressed with the Inspiron 11's build quality, too.

Given the Inspiron 11's price and quoted battery run time, I'd expect the AMD chip under the hood to be of the Temash or Kabini variety. Also, if the machine is to feature Windows 8.1, then it probably won't be out before the operating system's October 17 release. Oh well. Only a month to go.

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