Nvidia unveils $199, 7'' Tegra Note tablet

We knew it was coming, and now, here it is. Say hello to the Tegra Note, a 7" tablet with a $199 asking price, Android software, and a design that's all Nvidia:

Unlike Nvidia's Project Shield handheld, which came out earlier this summer, the Tegra Note won't be sold directly by Nvidia. Instead, it will be offered by some of the firms who currently sell Nvidia graphics cards—EVGA and PNY in North America and EVGA, Oysters, and Zotac in Europe, to name a few. The device will be released worldwide "in the next few months," Nvidia says.

For that $199 price tag, the Tegra Note serves up a Tegra 4 system-on-a-chip, a 7" 1280x800 display, 16GB of storage capacity, a five-megapixel rear camera, a VGA front camera, front-facing stereo speakers, a micro HDMI output, and "up to 10 hours of HD video playback." Nvidia also promises the "latest version" of Android, and it says it will deliver software updates to users over the air.

The company has some accessories planned, too. Among them: a magnetized "intelligent slide cover," which sounds a lot like Apple's Smart Cover, and a stylus with interchangeable "Chisel" and "Brush" tips. You can see the stylus in the picture above.

As fine as that all sounds, I can't help but think $199 is a little pricey for that kind of hardware. Sure, the Tegra 4 SoC under the hood is fast, and the HDMI output is a nice touch. However, Asus offers a 7" tablet with a quad-core SoC and the same display resolution, camera resolution, storage capacity, and battery-life rating for only $149. And for $229, Google's Nexus 7 offers a much higher-res 1080p screen—and a much better-known brand name than EVGA or PNY.

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