HP preps 13'' convertible tablet with AMD inside

Windows 8.1 is launching next month, and some interesting new laptops will be coming out soon afterward. HP has announced several of them, including a slick-looking 13" convertible with an AMD processor.

Left: the Pavilion 13 x2. Right: the Pavilion 11 x2. Source: HP.

The Pavilion 13 x2 will be HP's "most affordable detachable PC," the company says. It will have a "full-size HD" IPS touch screen with a 13" diagonal, and it will features a choice of AMD A6 or "new Intel Core processors" (presumably of the Haswell variety). The detachable keyboard dock will include a secondary battery and will be configurable with up to 500GB of mechanical storage, supplementing what I expect to be solid-state storage in the tablet part. Oh, and there will be optional WiDi connectivity in "select models."

You'll be able to buy the Pavilion 13 x2 on November 17, a month after Windows 8.1's release, for $599.99. I'm not sure I necessarily see the appeal of a jumbo, 13" tablet, but the starting price is reasonable, and a convertible design may have more appeal than a plain-old notebook with a vaguely useless touch screen.

HP will also offer an 11" version of the system, the HP Pavilion 11 x2, for the same price. Unfortunately, the press release and product page reveal almost nothing about that machine, except for the fact that it will have dual 1080p cameras. Given the price, I would hope the hardware powering it isn't much slower than what's inside the 13" machine.

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