AMD to stream GPU '14 Tech Day event live next week

Next week, Scott is flying to Hawaii for AMD's GPU '14 Tech Day. You won't have to get sand between your toes to see what AMD has up its sleeve, though. Part of the event will be broadcast live online.

At 3:00 PM ET on Wednesday, September 25, AMD will make a live stream of the event available on its investor relations page. The stream will also be broadcast on AMD's Facebook page and on its YouTube channel. A replay will be available on YouTube if you can't make the live show.

Hawaii is the code name for AMD's next high-end GPU, so there's little doubt what will be unveiled next week. These kinds of launch events are typically held behind closed doors and sometimes in complete secrecy, though. Props to AMD for letting the community sit in on what promises to be a major reveal.

Of course, it's hard not to see the live stream as an attempt by AMD's marketing folks to hype the event—and to generate social media buzz during it. There will be an official hashtag, I'm sure, and @AMDRadeon will probably be busy retweeting positive reactions during and after the broadcast. But I can't complain; watching a live broadcast sure beats following a live blog. Perhaps we should have a live comment thread to cover the festivities.

Scott says: I'mma let you finish, but I'm gonna have one of the best live blogs of all time.

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