Tom's Hardware eyes i845 Brookdale

Somehow, Dr. Tom was able to acquire and test one of these motherboards.
Pentium 4 sales remain low, which is not entirely the fault of the price/performance of Intel's flagship processor. Current i850 platforms require Rambus' expensive and unpopular RDRAM, which reduces Pentium 4's appeal to the buyers even more. Soon Intel will come up with an alternative to i850 plus RDRAM. In a few weeks we will have the chance to spend our money for an even crazier solution. The i845 chipset will team up Pentium 4 with the slow and ageing PC133 memory. We tested this bizarre combination.
Benchmarks include Sysmark 2001, Quake III, Unreal Tournament, Dronez, Aquanox, 3DMark2001, Sandra (Stream), Flask MPEG video encoding, and SPECviewperf. How does it fare? See for yourself.
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