Release roundup: Killer mobos, beefed-up storage, and an inexpensive gaming mouse

You know the drill: we can't give every product announcement full coverage, so (almost) every week, we stick some of the ones we missed in our release roundup. This time, we have news from ASRock, Biostar, SanDisk, Sharkoon, and Silicon Power.

  • "ASRock Fatal1ty Killer Series motherboards unveiled." The new Fatal1ty Z87 Killer is named after inexplicably still-relevant pro-gamer Fatal1ty, and... here, I'll just let ASRock introduce it: "If you consider online gaming as a fundamental belief, pwning opponents online as a religion that fulfils your life, and the pursuit of a fast and stable internet connection as one of your core values, then ASRock has the answers to probably not all but at least most of your life's questions." Yikes. Anyway, the board looks pretty fully loaded. It has triple PCIe 3.0 x16 slots, a Killer E2200 network controller, a headphone amplifier, bundled macro software, and all kinds of other bells and whistles. I kinda dig the red, black, and gold design, too.

  • "Biostar released the latest AMD FM2+ motherboard 'Hi-Fi A88W 3D'." There's nothing terribly remarkable about this new motherboard from Biostar, except for the fact that it features an FM2+ socket, which makes it ripe for AMD's upcoming Kaveri APUs. (The FM2+ socket also supports existing A-series APUs.) Other functionality includes dual PCIe graphics slots (one Gen3 x16 and one Gen2 x4), eight 6Gbps Serial ATA ports, and Biostar's Puro Hi-Fi tech, which features isolated audio circuitry and an amplifier that can drive headphones with up to 600Ω impedance. Oddly enough, I see only two USB 3.0 ports in the I/O cluster.

  • "SanDisk enhances iNAND Extreme for Intel Atom." We're all excited about embedded flash storage for tablets, right? Okay, maybe not. In any event, SanDisk says it's beefed up its iNAND Extreme drive specifically for Intel's new Bay Trail Atom chips. Peak read and write speeds are now 150MB/s and 45MB/s, respectively, and capacities range up to 128GB. SanDisk is sampling the drive to "leading mobile device manufacturers for use in future Android and Windows 8 tablets."

  • "New mouse for gamers: Sharkoon FireGlider Optical." This rodent is priced at just €17.99 in Europe, which works out to $24.30 stateside (or presumably less, since European prices tend to include tax). That's pretty cheap considering the features. The FireGlider Optical has a 3000-DPI, 3600-FPS sensor, a hardware DPI selector, interchangeable metal weights, and included macro software that can configure five of the mouse's seven buttons. Sharkoon has even splurged on a gold-plated USB plug, and it's put together a promo video with cheesy music:

That's all for this week's announcements. Check back next week for more highly exciting product releases.

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