Leaked Android 4.4 shots show flattened UI

The fall look for smartphones is in, and apparently, flat icons and bright colors are all the rage. Only days after Apple's iOS 7 launch, the guys at 9to5Google have posted leaked images of the next Android release, version 4.4, that reveal a similarly flattened and more colorful design.

As the site explains, the shots show "extremely streamlined designs" for both the messages app and the phone app. The latter now has a blue color scheme and a big, round "dial" button. The status bar at the top of the screen takes on a different hue in each app—blue for phone, green for messages—and, as 9to5Google points out, the status bar also features "lighter color, grey icons."

A shot of the home screen, meanwhile, shows totally flat icons for Chrome, Hangouts, the messaging app, and the music app. The phone app still has slight depth to it, but not very much. Stick a white rounded rectangle under these, and they could be mistaken for iOS 7 icons

Android 4.4 is reportedly expected in October. The shots nabbed by 9to5Google are unofficial, but they do seem to be in line with Google's recent logo redesign. As Brand New reported last week, the new logo is "completely, utterly, unapologetically flat," with none of the gradients and subtle drop shadows of old.

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