Apple's iMacs get Haswell, graphics upgrades

Haswell processors are turning up in new notebooks left and right, and now, they've appeared inside Apple's latest iMacs. Apple announced the updated all-in-ones this morning, touting faster CPUs, faster graphics, and other enhancements like 802.11ac Wi-Fi and optional PCIe solid-state storage.

The two 21.5" versions of the iMac still sell for $1,299 and $1,499, and their CPU clock speeds are the same as before, despite the Haswell upgrade. The cheaper variant now has Iris Pro integrated graphics instead of a discrete GeForce GT 640M 512MB, while the pricier model has traded its GT 650M 512MB graphics processor for a GT 750M with a gig of RAM.

Apple has raised clock speeds slightly for the 27" iMacs. The $1,799 model now has a base CPU speed of 3.2GHz, up from 2.9GHz previously, and the $1,999 variant runs at 3.4GHz with a 3.8GHz Turbo speed, up from 3.2/3.6GHz for the former Ivy Bridge-powered model. On the graphics front, Apple has replaced the GeForce GT 660M 512MB in the $1,799 system with a GeForce 755M 1GB. The $1,999 variant, meanwhile, has been upgraded from a GTX 675MX 1GB to a GTX 775M 2GB, and customers now have the option to get an even faster GeForce GTX 780M graphics processor with 4GB of RAM.

Other than that, I'm not seeing any noteworthy changes to the default configs. System memory capacities are still 8GB across the board, and all four systems still pack a terabyte of mechanical storage by default. Folks with a little bit of extra cash can now spring for SSDs up to 1TB in capacity, though, and there are also 1TB or 3TB hybrid Fusion Drive solutions available. Considering the very cheapest iMac costs a relatively hefty $1,299, I'm a little surprised that Apple still omits solid-state storage from the default configs. I guess the company is no stranger to price gouging, though.

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