Star Citizen trailer shows slick space combat, snazzy graphics

AMD brought several game developers on stage during its Radeon R9 290X reveal earlier this week. One of them was Chris Roberts, whose crowd-funded space sim Star Citizen has raised over $20 million to date. Roberts had a new trailer to show off, but the low resolution of the live feed didn't do it justice. Fortunately, the trailer has now made its way to YouTube. I recommend blowing this one up to full screen at 1080p.

Roberts says he wants Star Citizen to push the limits of PC hardware, and the trailer certainly looks promising. I'm digging the level of detail, the overall style, and the fact that the game combines space combat with more traditional FPS elements. The fact that there's nerdy physics behind the flight engine is icing on the cake.

The most impressive thing about Star Citizen is the success of its crowd-funding campaign, though. Roberts started with an initial goal of $2 million, and he's since raised 10 times that amount. The money keeps flowing in, too; over $3 million has been pledged in September alone. All the additional funding has gone toward stretch goals that add features to the game.

Backers can already download Star Citizen's hangar module. The dogfighting module is due in December, and there are other modules coming after that. The final game won't come together until 2015, though.

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