Rumor: Nvidia may cut prices, release new cards in November

Last week, AMD unveiled a whole lineup of new graphics cards: the R7 and R9 series, which will populate price points from under $89 to $299 and above.

We don't yet know how Nvidia will respond, but the folks at DigiTimes might just have an idea, thanks to "sources from graphics card players." Those sources say Nvidia will find itself under pressure to cut prices in "late November." They claim the company will also "defend the US$149-249 segment" by releasing either one or two new GPUs, presumably in a similar time frame.

The DigiTimes story includes no further details. Since most of AMD's R7- and R9-series cards will be based on existing silicon, though, Nvidia should have plenty of leeway to re-price and perhaps re-badge its current products in response.

In any event, shoppers will have some exciting new options in the graphics market this Christmas. If you're planning a build for the holidays, you may be best holding off on a purchase until we learn more about these releases and price cuts.

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