Five-minute video shows BioShock Infinite: Buried at Sea

Irrational Games is working on a BioShock Infinite expansion that resurrects the original BioShock's underwater city. The first part of the DLC is coming later this year, and a video of the first five minutes has popped up on YouTube. You can watch it below.

(Or, you know, not, if you don't want the first five minutes of the DLC spoiled.)

Burial at Sea stars Elizabeth and Booker DeWitt, the same two protagonists from BioShock Infinite—only this time, they're older and in the underwater city of Rapture.

The video doesn't do much beside set the stage and provide a glimpse at the setting, but I dig it. It's nice to see Rapture before the fall, as a real city with non-murderous people walking around. I also like the film noir, detective-story vibe. The lens flare effects make me want to wipe dust off my glasses, though.

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