Fujitsu's thin 14'' ultrabook has a 3820x1800 touch screen

Notebooks with uber-high-PPI displays seem to be multiplying lately. Just last week, Dell announced several of them; today, Liliputing reports that Fujitsu also has one up its sleeve.

The Fujitsu Lifebook U904, as it's called, features a 14" IGZO panel with a whopping 3200x1800 resolution. It looks like you can get either a glossy version of the panel with touch input or an anti-glare model without touch.

Haswell processors and Intel HD Graphics 4400 power the system. It's too bad Fujitsu didn't stick a discrete GPU in there—but if it had, the Lifebook U904 probably wouldn't be so light and thin. The company quotes a weight of 3.06 lbs and a thickness of 0.61". It claims the Lifebook U904 is the "world's thinnest 14-inch ultrabook."

Other notable specs include a choice of SSHD or SSD storage, USB 3.0 and HDMI connectivity, and optional LTE wireless. The battery is rated for 10 hours in MobileMark, which is quite impressive, especially considering the high-PPI display.

Pricing from Fujitsu's online store starts at $1,999 with a glossy touch screen and 320GB SSHD. Windows 8.1 is included, so I wouldn't expect this puppy to ship befored the operating system's October 17 release date.

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