Lightcube gxSDK 1.0 released

Lightcube's gxSDK 1.0 is available for download.
LIGHTCUBE GmbH today announced the availability of gxSDK, a powerful software package for the development of realtime-3D applications for standard PCs.

GX delivers a paradigm shift on how developers work with 3D middleware. Different from existing solutions, GX consists of a full-featured Operating System for dynamic, multi-threaded 3D applications. It stands out for its great flexibility and enables programmers to built any kind of 3D application quickly and easily - from interactive games to 3D e-learning applications or walk-through experiences.

The GX technology features Realtime Lighting, Shadows, Positional Audio, Particle System, Inverse Kinematics & Procedural Animation, Procedural Terrains, Portal Technology and a 3D Graphical User Interface (GUI).

Lightcube's complete press release is available as a PDF.
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