FX-9590 now available in retail kit, at massive discount

Remember the FX-9590? AMD introduced the hot-clocked Vishera chip in June and loudly touted its 5GHz Turbo frequency. The 220W flagship was supposed to be reserved for pre-assembled systems from boutique builders. However, it soon popped up for sale as a bare processor—and with a whopping $920 price tag. By August, the FX-9590 was selling on its own at several vendors, including Newegg, which had the chip listed for $880.

So, what about now? Funny story. The FX-9590 is down to $350 at Newegg. That's for the bare chip, but there's also a full retail kit for $390. The kit comes with an all-in-one water cooler, so it's a pretty good deal, relatively speaking.

The slightly slower FX-9370 has also made its way into a retail package. That chip peaks at 4.7GHz but has the same 220W TDP as the FX-9590. You can grab it with what appears to be an identical liquid cooler for $290. AMD's previous top-of-the-line CPU, the FX-8350, still sells for $200.

In just a few months, AMD's 5GHz monster has gone from nearly a thousand bucks to just $50 more than the Core i7-4770K. And I still can't recommend it. But it's been a while since we talked about CPU price cuts, and this is evidently a pretty big one.

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