In-dash MP3 players grow up

I love my Aiwa CDC-MP3. It plays gobs of MP3s off a single CD, sounds great, and is a better all-around car stereo than the factory unit it replaced. It has its faults, though. It skips too much, is fussy about media, and glows much too bright at night time for my tastes.

Now, reader Matto sends word of his review of what some are calling the first third-gen in-dash MP3 player, the JVC KD-SH99. This player sports the almost-too-popular metallic look, and it apparently doesn't skip.

I can't overstate the wonderfulness of having 15 albums (or so) per CD in the car. The aftermarket guys have already got this capability 90% figured out, and are still refining it. Now, if only factory stereos would come along...

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