You have until tomorrow to enter our Leap motion controller giveaway!

In case you missed Geoff's post on Tuesday, we're giving away one of Leap's newfangled motion controllers. The controller recently became available at Newegg, and the e-tailer kindly gave us one to give away to a lucky TR reader.

Folks in the U.S. have until tomorrow at noon, Central Time, to enter the giveaway. Entering is pretty simple: head to the giveaway page, read the rules carefully, and then fill out the form at the bottom with your answer to our qualifying question as well as your name and address. (None of the information you enter will be shared with third parties, don't worry.)

For the unacquainted, Leap's motion controller is a thumb-drive-sized device that can track subtle (and not-so-subtle) finger motions in 3D space. All 10 of your fingers can be tracked inside an area of eight cubic feet, and motions of up to 0.01 mm can be detected. The controller we're giving away comes with a free copy of Uwyn's GameWAVE software, as well, which lets you map finger gestures to mouse and keyboard actions.

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