Release roundup: External storage and windowed cases

The release roundup is where we talk about product announcements that didn't make it into our regularly scheduled coverage. This week, we have news from Adata, Rosewill, and LaCie:

  • "Adata adds mystique to external storage options." I'm not sure if mystique is the right word, but the new DashDrive Choice HC630 has plenty of other things: USB 3.0 connectivity, 2.5" Serial ATA mechanical storage with a choice of 500GB and 1GB capacities, a "metal surface with sparkling etched patterns," and a "raised lip around the edges" to protect the fancy paint job. The drive is pretty lightweight, at 5.6 oz, and it doesn't break the bank, with suggested pricing of $54.99 for the 500GB version and $69.99 for its 1TB counterpart.

  • "Rosewill announces new members of Throne gaming case." We told you about Rosewill's Throne enclosure back in January. Today, Rosewill says it's rolled out two new variants of the enclosure based on customer feedback. One is black, and the other has a "gunmetal" finish. Both have windowed side panels. Neither model has room for a 230-mm side fan because of the window, but there's still space for eight fans in total, which ought to be plenty. Rosewill charges $149.99 for the black model and $159.99 for the gunmetal version.

  • "LaCie and Porsche Design introduce ultra-sleek USB 3.0 key." I could say LaCie's new Porsche Design USB key has a 32GB capacity, USB 3.0 connectivity, transfer rates up to 95MB/s, and a $49.99 price tag (or $29.99 for the 16GB model), but I think I'll just let LaCie's product video speak for itself. Yes, they made a product video for a USB thumb drive.

My goodness.

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