Microsoft: Surface 2 name chosen to avoid consumer confusion

The first Windows RT tablet from Microsoft was called the Surface for Windows RT. The second-gen version of that device, on the other hand, has dropped the RT suffix and is known simply as the Surface 2. What gives?

Speaking to Australian site ARN, Microsoft has now revealed why it chose the suffix-free name: "to avoid consumer confusion," the site says. Yes, really. Here's what Surface Product Manager Jack Cowett told ARN:

"We think that there was some confusion in the market last year on the difference between Surface RT and Surface Pro. We want to help make it easier for people, and these are two different products designed for two different people."

So, in Microsoft's world, providing no immediate indication that the Surface 2 doesn't run the full version of Windows—and thus lacks support for the vast majority of Windows software—somehow prevents consumers from being confused.

I suppose it's true the RT suffix wasn't terribly descriptive. Still, I shudder to think how many non-tech-savvy individuals will cough up the $449 for a Surface 2, only to realize the device isn't a full-featured Windows tablet like the Surface Pro.

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