Morning, folks. Although the guys are hard at work making things happen around here, I've been kind of scarce since posting my Radeon R9 270X and 280X review. That's because, quietly behind the scenes, I've been working on several graphics-related matters.

For one, well, you may have heard that there's another big GPU launch coming soon. In preparation for that, I've been testing several video cards not included in the last review, like the GTX 780 and Titan. I've also tested the XFX R9 280X, mostly out of a quasi-OCD desire to have a stock-clocked version of the 280X in our results, since all of the other cards we've tested this time are at stock speeds. The R9 280X is almost an exact match for the GTX 770 in overall performance at its regular clock frequencies.

At some point, a fairly beefy review should come out of all of this activity. Just can't say when yet.

Beyond that, I'm about to head up to Montreal for an Nvidia press event. I'm not sure what it's about: something gaming related, but not a new GPU introduction. Could be interesting. I should be live-blogging from the Nvidia event on Thursday, Friday, or both days later this week. Be sure to, uh, tune in on Thursday morning to see what's up. I may also live-tweet some experiences with poutine and smoked meats, if I get the chance to explore Montreal properly.

I have at least one really worthwhile As the second turns blog post in me—I've been saving up several subjects for a while now—but I don't know when I'll have time to write something up. Hopefully soon.

On another front, I am thinking about banning several of the corporate shills who have been really active in the comments and forums lately. I'd have done it sooner, but like I said, I was busy. I assume there aren't any objections to that from the actual humans who post here, right?

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