Report: Unlocked Broadwell won't hit the desktop until late 2014

Last week, Intel announced that, due to a "defect density" problem, production of next-gen Broadwell processors would be postponed until next quarter. The first Broadwell-powered PCs will presumably roll out in the spring or summer of 2014. However, we may have to wait much longer for a desktop version of the chip with an unlocked upper multiplier.

The guys at VR-Zone got their hands on a leaked roadmap, and they claim that Broadwell-K isn't due out until the fourth quarter of 2014. The chip will fit inside an LGA1150 package, they say, although it "may not be compatible with older 1150 motherboards because of a change to Intel's power specifications." The K suffix, of course, means there should be no restrictions on multiplier-based overclocking.

Interestingly, VR-Zone's desktop roadmap shows no other Broadwell processors scheduled for 2014—or even early 2015. A Haswell refresh platform will apparently show up some time before Broadwell-K next year, but that's about it.

Perhaps this is because mainstream Broadwell chips won't be introduced to the desktop in the conventional sense. Back in January, a trusted source in the motherboard industry told us that select Broadwell CPUs would come pre-soldered onto desktop motherboards. In fact, the source suggested that lower-end desktop Broadwell variants would only be offered in that form.

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