Apple will unveil a Retina iPad mini tomorrow, says WSJ

You've probably heard about it: tomorrow, on October 22, Apple will hold one of its famous product reveal keynotes. New iPads are widely expected to make an appearance—and according to a story by the Wall Street Journal, one of those tablets will be a Retina version of the iPad mini.

The Journal doesn't say much else about the device, although it mentions that "the company's part suppliers" provided the information. Presumably, the Retina iPad will have the same 7.9" panel size and general shape as the current model. Since the existing iPad mini has a 1024x768 screen resolution, just like that of the first-gen iPad, then perhaps the Retina iPad mini will replicate the 2048x1536 resolution of the current, full-sized model. Quadrupling the pixel count seems to be par for the course for Apple's Retina displays.

Oh, and speaking of the full-sized iPad, the Journal mentions that Apple is also cooking up a "thinner, lighter version" of the classic tablet. The revamped device will reportedly use a "thin film instead of the glass found in existing models."

I'm glad a Retina iPad mini is on the way (assuming the WSJ is correct, that is). The current device feels great and would work nicely as a souped-up e-reader, but its 1024x768 resolution makes for some pretty fuzzy text. Besides, bringing high pixel densities to small tablets isn't exactly unheard of. The new version of Google's Nexus 7, which starts at $229, already crams a 1920x1080 resolution into its 7" panel.

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