GeForce 331.58 WHQL drivers are ready for BF4, Arkham Origins

There's a new batch of graphics drivers out for GeForce users—and this release has the stamp of approval from Microsoft's Windows Hardware Quality Labs. Ooh, shiny!

According to Nvidia, the GeForce 331.58 WHQL drivers are an "essential update for all GeForce GTX users," and they feature support for Battlefield 4 and Batman: Arkham Origins. Those games are coming out on October 25 and October 29, respectively, so Nvidia is right on time.

Also, today's update is supposed to improve performance in a handful of older games. Nvidia quotes gains of up to 11% in DiRT Showdown, up to 9% in Metro: Last Light, up to 8% in Sleeping Dogs, and up to 13% in Sniper Elite V2. As always, those numbers are best-case scenarios, and your own mileage may vary.

Last, but not least, the 331.58 WHQL drivers have all of the same features, improvements, and SLI profiles as the 331.40 betas posted last month. Among other things, those drivers brought support for HBAO+, a new ambient occlusion technique with better image quality and higher processing efficiency than vanilla HBAO. You can read all about HBAO+ here on

As for the latest 331.58 WHQL drivers, you'll find the 64-bit version here and the 32-bit one here. Those links lead to unified installers that support all versions of Windows from Vista to 8.1.

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