WSJ: Microsoft working on Google Glass rival

Worried that wearing one of those Google Glass contraptions will make you look uncool? Well, worry no more; Microsoft has a similar device in the works. I'm sure that will look much more dignified.

Yes, according to the Wall Street Journal, Microsoft is "testing prototypes for Web-connected eyewear similar to Google Glass." The paper was tipped off by someone "familiar" with the project, who added that Microsoft has "asked several component makers in Asia" to supply parts for the prototypes. Those parts reportedly include cameras and "other key components."

Unfortunately, there's no definite word on whether the prototypes might make it out to the public. The WSJ says its source simply "cautioned the device may never reach mass production."

I suppose it makes sense for Microsoft to be toying with something similar to Google Glass internally. Call me old-fashioned, but I still don't see the appeal of wearing a smartphone-like device on your face all the time—and of having to use your voice to operate it. I don't know if society at large is ready for that level of geekiness, either.

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