VIA C3 press release

Here is their press release:
Taipei, Taiwan, 6 July 2001 - VIA Technologies, Inc. today announced the introduction of its new VIA C3™ processor retail box set for the company's global distribution channel and system integrator customers.

The retail box set comes with a ball-bearing fan and heatsink, as well as a multi-lingual installation manual and three-year limited warranty. It is also factory sealed to guarantee the authenticity of the processor and ensure peace of mind for both retailers and consumers. With its aqua blue coloring, the design of the box intentionally conveys a cool feeling, reinforcing the “cool processing” message of the VIA C3™ processor.

"The VIA C3™ processor retail box set provides a convenient and attractive all-in-one package for distributors, resellers, and system integrators building competitively priced Value PC systems." commented Richard Brown, Director of Marketing for VIA Technologies, Inc. "It is available in volume today.”

The VIA C3™ processor is fully socket 370 compatible, and is currently available at speeds of up to 800MHz. Built using the industry’s most advanced 0.13 and 0.15 manufacturing processes, the VIA C3™ processor features the world’s smallest x86 processor die size of only 52mm2 to optimize power consumption and heat dissipation properties. Additional features include up to 192KB of full speed cache, 100/133MHz Front Side Bus support, as well as MMX™ and 3DNow! instructions for enhanced multimedia and Internet performance.

Go to their website for more information. Note to reporters, editors, and writers: VIA is spelled in ALL CAPS.

Update: VIA has posted the full press release here.

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