Happy Sunday! I'm packing to head to ARM TechCon this week and looking forward to learning some new things. The folks at ARM have been very good about engaging with the computing enthusiast community this year, as it's become increasingly clear that their licensees will help drive the future of personal computing. They've opened up to us with details about their (often quite impressive) CPU and GPU architectures and other technologies, and they're willing to share more.

With that in mind, they've asked me to ping you all about what you'd like to know about ARM, its technology, and its ecosystem. If you have questions about general areas or specific things, post them in the comments below, and I'll see about getting some answers this week. I already have some questions queued up in my head about the 64-bit ARMv8 ISA and the specific bits of it that may have helped Apple achieve those very nice IPC increases in the A7 SoC. I also think big.LITTLE is an intriguing architectural choice. What else are you interested in?

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