Latest Catalyst betas add R9 290X support, boost performance

Radeon users aren't getting all the same goodies as their GeForce-toting brethren today, but they do have a beta Catalyst update waiting for them.

The new Catalyst 13.11 beta 6 graphics driver is available here from AMD's knowledge base website. It includes performance improvements, 4K and Eyefinity configuration tweaks, and support for both the new R9 290X and the upcoming R9 290 (which, interestingly enough, AMD hasn't announced officially).

Let's start with the performance improvements. These mostly apply to older games, but AMD also promises big gains in the newly released Batman: Arkham Origins with 8x MSAA on. See for yourself:

​Batman: Arkham Origins - improves performance up to 35% with MSAA 8x enabled
Total War™: Rome 2 - improves performance up to 10%
Battlefield 3 - improves performance up to 10%
GRID 2 - improves performance up to 8.5%
DiRT Showdown - improves performance up to 10%
Formula 1™ 2013 - improves performance up to 8%
DiRT 3 - improves performance up to 7%
Sleeping Dogs - improves performance up to 5%

Also in the feature list for the Catalyst 13.11 beta 6 update: "automatic" configuration for Eyefinity setups and for "supported Ultra HD/4K tiled displays." It sounds like folks who buy that $3,499 Asus 4K monitor should have an easier time setting it up. That said, the release notes make no mention of performance fixes for CrossFire setups driving such displays.

You can grab the Catalyst 13.11 beta 6 here on AMD's website. There are download links available for both desktop and mobile systems.

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